• eyelash extension specialist
    Delicacy and Naturalness

    Eyelashes can be completed very easily in just 5 minutes before going out..
    It is a package made so that anyone can easily extend it like an eyelash expert..
    Bronze Eye brows are designed to last up to 7 days.
    It depends on your technology and lifestyle.

    “HOW TO USE”

  • 1. Lightly apply glue to the inside of the eyelashes.

  • 2. pluck out the eyelashes

  • 3. Paste it on, pick it up, and you're done!

  • 4. Eyelash Completion

  • The back of the mascara-type glue contains nutrients..
    I will protect you with healthier and more beautiful eyelashes without worrying about hair loss.
    If you use it as a finishing touch after attaching eyelashes, you can see the fixer effect.

  • Bronze eyelash demonstration video