• Anyone can easily without going to the shop

    Bronze Eye Brand

    Eyelash extension set that can be attached like a pro
    Now is the time to experience it for yourself.
    Bronze Eye, the revolution of eyelash extension set.

  •  Bronze Eye Full Packages Premium self-eyelash extension set that lasts for 7 days in 5 seconds and can be used for 6 months Easy self-extension without going to the shop
    A Full Package of Lashes
    -Two styles of bronze eyes for daily use and special use
    -7 items including professional extension tool helper, mascara glue, eyelash nourishment, remover, exclusive palette
  •  Bronze Eye Lash Bronze eyelashes are patented to fit exactly under the arch of your eyelashes, and the special air silk thread is light and perfectly matches your natural eyebrows. Up to 1 to 4 eyebrows with a length of 9 to 11 mm can be selected and attached, and 37 to 40 short and long eyebrows are alternately arranged for each eyebrow to create rich volume and clear eyes. It is a handmade product with
  •  Bronze Eye Helper Helper is an extension tool for professionals. It is made with an ergonomic design according to the curvature of the eyeball with a design patent, and anyone can easily and quickly attach eyelashes like a professional..
  •  Mascara Glue and Nutrients Bronze Eye produces allergy-free mascara glue in Korea. Mascara Glue protects your natural eyebrows by creating a flexible nourishing cushion under the eyebrow line, and covers the roots of your eyebrows from weight and tension so you can wear them without damage or irritation. Experience the amazing staying power that lasts for 7 days.
  • Customer Opinions

    “I never thought I'd be able to put on eyelashes on a busy morning.”
    "I gave up because I couldn't do it no matter how much I tried watching YouTube,
    but it really took less than 5 minutes.”
    “I didn't get along well with the eyelash extensions teacher... But I have no regrets.”

  • why use

    -Ingredients that are non-irritating, non-damaging and harmless to the human body
    - Anyone can use it in just 5 seconds
    - Custom lashes for any eye
    - The most natural, dramatically dramatic change
    - Perfect detachment without damage with remover
    - Can be used semi-permanently when washing
    - Can be maintained for up to 7 days after attachment